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This page needs revision to be brought up to date with our 2018 Relaunch


A Calendar board is a Trello board that functions as a virtual calendar. Completed projects are moved from the translation boards to the calendar board to be scheduled for publication in our web-magazines.

Guerrilla Translation Calendar Boards

GT.ORG Publishing Schedule ENG

GT.ES Publishing Schedule ES


Once a card is moved from the Translation board to the calendar board it is either assigned a publication date or left in the first column "Pending Scheduled".

  • If left on the first column, please remove the due date that was previously on the card.
  • If scheduled, move to the second column "Scheduled"

Once cards are in the scheduled column, switch the board over to "Calendar view" by clicking on the button shown in the image below: (Scroll to the right if needed)

Calendar Icon j.jpg

The calendar display allows you to have an overview of the publishing schedule and easily access the relevant projects for SM. You can also schedule the post for autoposting in Wordpress. The schedule date and time should be identical to that date/time used in the Trello card for the project.