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Welcome to the landing page for the Social Media Category. You will find every single page listed within this category at the bottom of the page. You'll also find a list of our present and projected Social Media channels below as well as all the relevant links.

If you're looking for general Social Media protocols, please follow this link

Social Media Outlets

Most used

  • These are the Social Media Outlets we employ more regularly







We use Flipboard for a different purpose. Our Flipboard account has three language-specific sub groups (Spanish, English and French) and we use it to feature the original versions of the articles we feature in our web-magazine.

Flipboard sub-sites

Flipboard resources

Used less regularly/In development

These are Social Media Channels we use less regularly, or which haven't been properly developed. Feel free to contribute to their development through the associated Trello tasks


We have a Tumblr blog set up to feature the art and photography used in our web-magazine. We eventually hope to add a donation button there to reward all image creators who've been featured in GT


We currently have a target-Spanish Vimeo channel. We'd like to develop it, along with another target-English GT Vimeo channel.

Future Social Media Channels

Here's our list of Proposed Future Social Media Channels

General Social Media Protocols

Please read our entry on General Social Media Protocols and the links featured there.

Social Media Resources

Here's a list of external links to Social Media Resources feel free to add to the list!

The Post Growth Alliance

The Post Growth Alliance is "A low-key alliance of like-minded groups, using a simple strategy to harness collective reach in order to enhance the individual impacts of each group and grow the broader Post Growth movement." Find out more on the wiki entry above.