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This page gathers all the unique or re purposed terms we use at Guerrilla Media Collective/Translation etc. They are listed together and, sometimes, link to longer explanations. You can link directly to a glossary term within or outside the wiki.

Care Hours

While productive work is tallied in Credits and (in Guerrilla Translation) based on wordcount, reproductive or Care Work is only tallied by hours. We currently time-track these hours using a tool called Clockify. During our Start-up Phase these hours are paid monetarily. After the start-up phase, the hours are not paid, but they influence each member's payment pipeline for productive work: if you do less carework hours but are monetarily benefiting through productive work payment built on the reproductive work of other members of the collective, your gains will be redistributed based on the care work hour ratio.

During the Start-up Phase, only Committed GMC Members can monetarily benefit from Care Work Hours (Transition Members are expected to contribute proportionally, but do not get paid.)

After the Start-up Phase all Committed Members are subject to the Hours ratio. Transition Members are subject proportionally.

Care Work

We distinguish between two mutually supporting types of carework

  • Care work for the health of the collective: This is where the collective is seen as a living entity/system (Lucas 9000). Caring for its health means doing the admin and productive work necessary for it to be thriving.
  • Care work for the living beings in the collective: These are the Guerrilla Translators, and we mutually care for and support each other.



Credits are our internal currencies. It's how we track and reward value added to the collective. There are two main types of credits:

Livelihood Credits


Love Credits

Love Credits reflect the contributions made to our #Love Work Stream. In Guerrilla Translation these are based on wordcount. 1 word equals one Euro. Love credits are tallied and then paid as part of our Monthly Pipeline

Needs to be finished with content from Credits section of Gov Model + links

Distributed Cooperative Organization (DisCO)


Guerrilla Translators


GT Buddy

A GT (or GMC) Buddy is a person dedicated to mentoring an individual during the various stages of the Dating Phase. GT Buddies take Transition Translators through all aspects of working on the collective, the tools, our governance model, etc. They ensure that new members get all they need to meet a series of criteria on the way to becoming full, committed Guerrilla Translators.


Historical Credits

Total or Historical Credits are the total combined number of credits the member has ever earned, whether Love or Livelihood. This number only goes up over the lifetime of the member’s participation, starting from the moment they started contributing to the collective. Historical credits can influence certain types of votes.

Livelihood Work

Livelihood Work is productive or agency work: work contracted by clients, where the coop sends a budget, performs the work and gets paid. This money is then run through our value distribution mechanism.

Love Work

Love Work is voluntary or "pro-bono" work that GMC takes on to create commons and offer the coop's talent to persons and collective who wouldn't be able to afford these services - whether translation, graphic design etc. Ie: the same Livelihoood (or agency) work offered by the coop. It is rewareded through Love Credits.

Monthly Pipeline


Mutual Support Pal

A Mutual Support Pal is the person who cares about another person's emotional well being. Every person in the collective has a Mutual Support Pal checking in on them regularly. They are always available when their care-receiving pal need someone to talk to. Mutual Support Pals for each quarter are listed in our Roles/Availability Mapping entry.


Open Value Cooperativism

The Guerrilla Media Collective is an Open Value Cooperative. Open Value Cooperativism, expands the practices of Open Cooperativism by explicitly adding Open Value Accounting and Feminist Economics. Open Value Cooperativism is also the theory informing the DisCO Framework.


Productive Work

Productive work comprises all work tallied in Credits. In Guerrilla Translation this includes paid/agency Livelihood Work and pro-bono Love Work.



Reproductive Work

Reproductive work comprises all work tallied in Care Hours. In Guerrilla Translation this includes all the necessary tasks to maintain GT in good health: Networking, website updates, mutual support, mentoring, development of GMC and its governance model, meetings, customer relations, social media. Dating and Committed members track their Care Hours, but only Committed members get monetarily compensated from these. [1]



Simplexity describes one of GT's goals. To have a governance structure that allows for diversity and many different personal circunstances o the back end, while making it all simple to use and understand in the front end. Simplexity is a big challenge which we take very seriously.

Stable Phase


Start-up Phase

Period of time during which Guerrilla Translation/Media Collective needs seed funding to build resilience and open source tools to be a flagship example of Open Cooperativism. As of writing (August 2018) it is expected to last until mid-late 2020.




"Task" is the word we use to define any particular example of administration managerial work, ie: both the backend, development and maintenance we need to carry out to keep the GT/GMC engine running.

Examples of a "Task" are:

  • Writing articles for this wiki.
  • Doing regular management on our websites.
  • Investigating sustainability strategies.
  • Giving support to community members.

Tasks are reflected in Trello cards.

Whenever there's procedure that consists of many different tasks (for example, all the managerial development work that goes into a book translation... but not the translation itself') we call it a #Project.

Transition Translators



A blend of trust and transparency. This is what we aim for!



  1. During Start-up phase. Liable to change