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We love FB and we hate Facebook, as it should be! Our "official" position on Facebook is best described by Dmytri Kleiner in this interview where he says

"My criticism of Facebook and other sites is not they are not useful, it is rather that they are private, centralized, proprietary platforms. Also, simply abstaining from Facebook in the name of my own media purity is not something that I'm interested in, I don't see capitalism as a consumer choice, I'm more interested in the condition of the masses, than my own consumer correctness. In the end it's clear that criticizing platforms like Facebook today means using those platforms. Thus, I became a user and set up the Telekommunisten page. Unsurprisingly, it's been quite successful for us, and reaches a lot more people than our other channels, such as our websites, mailing lists, etc. Hopefully it will also help us promote new decentralized channels as well, as they become viable."

We fully agree! So, with that in mind, we like to take good care of our Guerrilla Translation Facebook FanPage by following the recomendations in this wiki entry.

Bear in mind that 90% of what's expressed here also applies to Google +. So, for what it's worth, you can see this as a two-in-one tutorial. A lot of this material has been culled from a set of recommendations compiled by the Post Growth Alliance, which we're members of, so kudos to them

General Facebook image posting recommendations

The following info-graphic is for the Post-Growth Alliance. It's good to learn, although, given our more literary subject matter and content, we really don't follow their headline + content convention. As our translations are our most prized content, we usually post a translated extract first and then take it from there.

PGA templates.png

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