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Guerrilla Media Collective

A Wiki for Distributed Cooperative Practices

The Guerrilla Translation/Guerrilla Media Collective Wiki is the main knowledge base for the Guerrilla Media Collective and its offshoots (Guerrilla Translation, Guerrilla Graphic Collective, etc).


First time here? Read our Handbook or our go through our introductory sections.


Community is at the heart of Guerrilla Media Collective. This section deals with everything related to our internal functioning as a collective and as a cooperative.


Our Sustainability section deals with everything related to our finances, fundraising, legal structure and clients.


The Tools section of the wiki explains what tools we use, why we use them and how they fit together.

Media Peers

The Media Peers section of the wiki deals with everything related to the "outside": Social media, alliances, events, etc


While Governance is intrinsically tied to community we have reserved this category for our specific governance model and its version history.

More Categories

Our front page only features a selection of some of our main categories, but there are many more and you can read about them here.

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