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This circle is the front end, online face of the collective. It draws attention, builds our reputation, spreads the word, creates awareness and acts as a first point of contact for many potential clients. Media Peers promotes everything that GT does or creates, as well as any other related material. This means keeping our readers excited and part of our collective consciousness by curating attractive and exciting language, images, videos, etc. Media Peers also keeps in touch with readers, clients, partners, etc. and takes care of networking work, whether on social media or not. (REAS & Platform Coop consortium)


Anyone interested in social media can be in this circle. Daily social media promotion responsibilities are rotated on a weekly basis along the conga line. Stewards will need to have a little experience under their belt but should be ready after one or two quarters as active members in the circle.


  • Daily social media blasts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), less frequent blasts on LinkedIn, et al.
  • We use a spreadsheet to keep track of daily posts to prevent repetition and ensure variety.
  • Trello checklists for each social media outlet (to be created)
  • Social Bee post scheduling
  • Programming and scheduling posts ahead of time.
  • Speaking about and representing the collective both online and offline: GMC Elevator Pitch


  • Slack: for general communication, questions, scheduling.
  • Trello: to keep track of tasks and procedures.
  • Loomio: for discussing strategies and making decisions.
  • SM Spreadsheet: to keep track of daily posts.
  • Social Bee: for scheduling posts ahead of time.


  • Love and Livelihood: to promote the work that we do.
  • Community: to reflect life inside the collective.
  • Development and Sustainability: to be strategic in our social media * posting, branding, presence, etc. In the future we can target our social media actions more mindfully.


  • Daily: Social media blasts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Weekly: Update on weekly stats via Slack and Trello housekeeping.
  • Monthly: Post on LinkedIn