Ongoing Evaluation Criteria and Basic Responsibilities

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Closely tied to our Commitment Statement and Community Rhythms this entry summarizes the ongoing commitments we all undertake as Guerrilla Translators. It is applicable to full members who've previously completed the Dating Phase for Transition Translators. It also lists the basic skills expected from all full/committed team members.

Summary of ongoing Evaluation and Basic Responsibilities

Here are the main points related to the ongoing evaluation and the basic responsibilities of everyone working within the collective.

Guerrilla Translators are expected to:

  • Accrue a minimum of 400 Love Credits per quarter, by doing a number of pro-bono translations, editing, or formatting tasks. [1]
  • Learn about and practise carework, both for the collective and within it.
  • Be fully familiar with the collective's tools and procedures. [2]
  • Keep our Community Rhythms
  • Manage deadlines and commitments in a professional and responsible manner.
  • Answer any communications and keeping the collective up to date about availability.
  • Be supportive of other members (casual ones too!)
  • Evaluate (via vote) Transition Translators
  • Mentor Transition Translators and continually encourage peer to peer learning
  • Declare a ‘vote-by-credit’ vote when there is a tie or block ( see below)

How are these responsibilities evaluated? With an ongoing culture of transparency and clear communication.

Our daily, biweekly and monthly rhythms keep us accountable to each other while creating a space to gently remind and support any member if things get left behind. These rhythms give us the necessary information to evaluate how well we are caring for the health of the collective and its members.

Our Quarterly Evaluations take this a step further: this is the time to review our commitments and contributions more procedurally and decide whether to make adjustments or not. Each member is asked to self-evaluate their contribution to the collective, check that we're all happy to be working together, and generally see how the relationship is going.

Basic Guerrilla Translator Skills

Besides the ongoing items listed above, all full/committed Guerrilla Translators are expected to have become proficient in the following skills and to keep honing them through sustained practice. [3]

  • Having a thorough understanding of our tools: why we use them, how they relate and how they are used and having the ability to mentor others in their usage.
  • Having a full understanding of our areas and subgroups and how to navigate them and being able to teach this to new members.
  • Having a thorough understanding of our governance model (the logic behind it, how credits work) while taking an active part in its development
  • Being part of two or more Working Circles while becoming fully familiar with those work areas and their needs (even if you don't take part in them). This includes being able to step up and steward one of these circles if necessary.
  • Being fully familiar with and able to mentor in our daily, weekly, bi weekly and monthly Community Rhythms.
  • Full autonomy when opening Loomio threads and creating Trello cards (and ability to mentor others on this).
  • Having a clear understanding on how to Toggl your time entries with no assistance and only exceptional corrections.
  • Knowing how to teach the procedure for Pro-bono translations by yourself (Including all Wordpress formatting and Social Media Outreach tasks).
  • Knowing how to track your pro-bono wordcount and credits and assist other in doing so.
  • Being able to host interviews for those who want to join the collective and have passed the initial test.
  • Being able to host the bi-weekly sprints, with a clear sense of each of the tasks in the interactive timeline and their current status.
  • Being familiar with the structure of the Quarterly Retrospective and able to take the lead in some of the sessions.
  • Being familiar with and an active part of the development goals of the collective and its current health
  • Being able to and confident in representing the collective online and in public, whether through interviews, public appearances, at events, etc
  • Being able to answer incoming emails to the collective, whether for collaborations, paid work or people seeking to join the collective
  • Feeling enabled and supported in communicating any confusion, critique or disagreement with your GT Buddy, your Mutual Support Pal or anyone in the collective.
  • Feeling integrated within the collective through meaningful relations.

Not mentioned explicitly here is the fact that we also foresee notable improvements in the quality of your productive work as a result of working with our P2P/Commons methods.Yay!


After the initial 9-month trial period, there shouldn't be any confusion on how to carry out these basic commitments and how to hone these skills. With that being said we understand that sometimes things can get rusty and that each person has different rhythms and capacities. It is the responsibility of mutual support pals to keep each other up to date in this questions and to provide help and support as needed.

  1. The complete manual for Guerrilla Translation pro-bono work can be found at The Tao of the Guerrilla Translator
  2. In GT that means Toggl, Slack, Loomio, Trello and The Wiki and how they interact. Our current mid-term strategy calls for all these to be substituted by an Open Source platform designed for this model. Loomio and elements of Mediawiki, being open source, would be grandfathered into this platform.
  3. Please note that this list is identical to the milestones for Stage Three Dating Translators.