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This entry provides short snippets of sample code you can cut, paste and adapt to taste when formatting posts in wordpress

Picture footers

To add captions with links to the artist, use the following code and substitute accordingly. You can drop it into the Image Editor in wordpress (in the “Caption” box)

Image: <a href="PASTE URL HERE" target="_blank"> WRITE THE TEXT YOU WANT TO DISPLAY HERE </a>

Smaller Text:

You can change fonts using HTML pequeño normal but it's fiddly and maybe not worth the hassle all the time so keep reading :)

but it's fiddly

(small, x-small o xx-small según qué caso)


Making footnotes

Many will not care to read how it works, so here is the code I use for footnotes on my site:

Some text with a footnote.<a href="#fn1" id="ref1">1</a>

Some more text with a footnote.<a href="#fn2" id="ref2">2</a>

Some more text with a footnote.<a href="#fn3" id="ref3">3</a>

Some more text with a footnote.<a href="#fn4" id="ref4">4</a>

1. [Text of footnote 1]<a href="#ref1" title="Jump back to footnote 1 in the text.">↩</a>

2. [Text of footnote 2]<a href="#ref2" title="Jump back to footnote 2 in the text.">↩</a>

3. [Text of footnote 3]<a href="#ref3" title="Jump back to footnote 3 in the text.">↩</a>

4. [Text of footnote 4]<a href="#ref4" title="Jump back to footnote 4 in the text.">↩</a>

5. [Text of footnote 5]<a href="#ref5" title="Jump back to footnote 5 in the text.">↩</a>

6. [Text of footnote 6]<a href="#ref6" title="Jump back to footnote 6 in the text.">↩</a>

7. [Text of footnote 7]<a href="#ref7" title="Jump back to footnote 7 in the text.">↩</a>

8. [Text of footnote 8]<a href="#ref8" title="Jump back to footnote 8 in the text.">↩</a>

Looks like this in your browser:

Some text with a footnote.1

Some more text with a footnote.2

Some more text with a footnote.3

Some more text with a footnote.4

1. [Text of footnote 1]↩ 2. [Text of footnote 2]↩ 3. [Text of footnote 3]↩ 4. [Text of footnote 4]↩

== Pre-made cultural footnotes

If you want a catalogue of ready to paste cultural footnotes, try these: