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This page needs revision to be brought up to date with our 2018 Relaunch


Guerrilla Translation (the webpage/mag) publishes three basic types of posts: “Translations” (internally known as “Standard translations”), “Featured Translations”, and “Metablog Posts”. The formatting processes for standard translations and Metablog posts is very similar for the moment. Note: you should have some basic Wordpress skills under your belt before going through these processes.


Appear on GT’s Front Cover, and are headed by a big image and include an author bio, (Example 1). They tend to be anywhere from 1500 to 10,000 words, but they can also be a combination of a shorter article and a video (example 2), or a longer documentary film (example 3). They normally don’t have a “sell-by date” (aren’t this week’s news, instead are more long-view analysis style writing), and are suitable for future republishing in book compilations.


Can be anywhere from 500 to 1500 words. These are shorter, and, at times, more "time dependent" translations (Example 4).


Are not based on wordcount. This is our "GT Blog", original content where we feature some of our B-Translations (Example 5), media appearances (example 6), articles on translating and language (example 7) or, indeed, excerpts from this Wiki we may find interesting.


We use the same kind of Social Media Strategies for all three types of post as they're launch, but, in the case of Featured Articles, we do repost different extracts over time, images, etc