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All Guerrilla Translators are stewards of several areas. This means that, although they may not directly work in any of these or even be the main contributors, they are ultimately responsible for their upkeep. Unlike the more "permissionless" aspects of being a Casual member or the more lax standards of being a Transition Translator, full, committed Guerrilla Translators are expected to continually learn and improve in the areas they are working in. These general areas are known as working circles. The circles can be flexible, but they include:

  • Community (includes mentoring, mutual support, rhythms, tools and group culture). More info.
  • Development (includes goals, structural and organizational development). Circle Entry
  • Media Peers (includes networking and alliances, social media, campaigns, etc)
  • Sustainability (includes fundraising, legal structure development, etc)
  • Website/Tech (includes development and maintenance of GT’s site, front and backend)
  • Legal/Finance (Includes legal structure, taxes, invoices etc)
  • Dating (Includes aptitude testing, buddy-system and mentoring)
  • Love (includes overseeing pro-bono work and blog publishing)
  • Livelihood (includes agency work, client attention, budgeting, etc)

The sections linked here feature a short description of each Circle and who is currently a part of it. The final link in each section points to a dedicated wiki article outlining the circle's responsibilities in more detail.

Circles are porous and not exclusive, but certain individuals will be the stewards for a circle. Who is part of what circle, circle stewards, etc are revised quarterly and recorded below and in the collective’s availability mapping page. Transition members are also expected to join various circles through their nine-month training, but they cannot become circle stewards until fully committed.

Working Circles in Guerrilla Translation


The Community work circle (Part of the Carework Area) is where we do most of our "internal work" with committed and transition members. This means processing and maturing the collective, or norms, building resilience, our rhythms etc. It is one of the busiest subgroups and all members — whether Dating or Committed — are part of it by default.

Community Resources

Current Community Members

  • Lara (Co-Steward)
  • Timothy (Co-Steward)
  • Sara
  • Silvia
  • Marta
  • Javier


The Development Subgroup (Part of the Carework Area) is where we do most our Start-Up Phase work towards a resilient and mature collective. This means setting goals, developing timelines, tweaking the governance model etc. Its work areas are, effectively, shared with the Community Subgroup.

Development Resources

Current Development Members

  • Sara

Media Peers

The Media Peers Circle is for our collective's porous relation with the "Outside". This includes social media, communiques, networking with other groups and collectives, press appearances, events etc.

Media Peers Resources

Current Media Peers Members

  • Sara (Co-Steward)
  • Timothy
  • Lara


The Sustainability Circle deals with our collective's income and funding. This includes tentative projects (which, when confirmed, are trespassed to the Livelihood Area), creation of fundraising materials and relations with funders.

Sustainability Resources

Current Sustainability Members

  • Timothy
  • (Silvia)


The Websites/tech Circle deals with everything to do with our websites. Front-end, back-end, maintenance and dev.

Website Tech Resources

Current Website Tech Members

  • Lara
  • Sara


The Legal/Finance Circle deals with financial flows, payments, expenses, payroll, taxes and questions related to our legal structure.

Legal/Finance Resources

Current Legal/Finance Members

  • Sara
  • Lara
  • Timothy
  • Silvia


The Dating Circle deals with material specially relevant for the Dating Phase for Transition Translators (ie: people training in working with the collective). This means applicant evaluation, interviews and peer mentoring. The "mentoring" part very much overlaps with the Community Category. Please note that in the wiki this is known as "Training".

Dating Resources

Current Dating Members

  • Lara
  • Sara
  • Timothy


The Love Circle deals with stewarding all aspects of our pro-bono work. This means overseeing the content and publication rhythms of our blogs, completion dates, blog quality control, etc. All translators/editors in the collective (whether Dating or fully committed) are part of the Love Circle by default, with stewards rotating on an ongoing basis.

Love Resources

Current Love Members

  • Timothy (EN Steward)
  • Lara (ES Steward)
  • Sara


The Livelihood Circle is the "front office" of the collective. It serves as the face of the agency side and proactively looks for agency work to ensure the good health of the collective. This means fielding requests, ensuring that work is assigned to the right team and that deadlines and met. Livelihood also negotiates prices and deadlines with clients and works closely with Legal/Finance for invoicing. All committed members are part of the Livelihood Circle by default and, as with Love, stewards rotate regularly.[1]

Livelihood Resources

Current Livelihood Members

  • Timothy (ES Steward)
  • Lara (EN Steward)
  • Sara

More Resources

  • (The following links are taken from our Handbook, they will be updated to Wiki links in due time) The Love and Livelihood Circles are somewhat exceptional in that they effectively perform what we term as "caring for the health of the collective" beyond what is nominally the Care Area. These main areas are explained in more detail below, for now we will just note that value in the Love and Livelihood Circles is tracked by Care Hours, as in the other circles, but special considerations apply. These are thoroughly explained in a section below.