Guerrilla Media Collective S.Coop.And de Interés Social

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Guerrilla Media Collective S.Coop.And de Interés Social

CIF: F90433020

C/Nobel, Edificio Boudere III, Planta 3, Puerta 2. Pol. Pisa, Mairena del Aljarafe, 41927, Sevilla

IBAN: ES1214910001213000114150


For most of its history Guerrilla Translation has been a DBA of the P2P Foundation. Since April 2019 the Guerrilla Media Collective's chosen legal interface is "Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza de Interés Social" — an Andalusian non-profit, socially-oriented and worker-owned coop. As such, GMC combines the accountability and workplace democracy of a cooperative with the mission orientation and socially advantageous work of a non-profit, making it an excellent fit for the principles of Open Value Cooperativism.

For those not familiar, Andalusia is a region in southern Spain where some of GT's member reside. It also has particularly favourable cooperative legislation that is very compatible with our governance model.

Andalusian Social, non-profit Cooperative Societies

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How our Governance Model interfaces with Andalusian Cooperative Law

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