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Guerrilla Media Collective S.Coop.And

CIF: F90433020

C/Nobel, Edificio Boudere III, Planta 3, Puerta 2. Pol. Pisa, Mairena del Aljarafe, 41927, Sevilla

IBAN: ES1214910001213000114150


For most of its history Guerrilla Translation has been a DBA of the P2P Foundation. Since April 2019 the Guerrilla Media Collective's chosen legal interface is "Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza" — an Andalusian worker-owned coop. For those not familiar, Andalusia is a region in southern Spain where some of GT's member reside. It also has particularly favourable cooperative legislation that is very compatible with our governance model.

Andalusian Cooperative Societies

The Guerrilla Media Collective Coop

Worker Owners

Associated Members

Legal Documentation

How our Governance Model interfaces with Andalusian Cooperative Law

More Resources

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