Objectives 2015

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Extracted and edited from our Welcome Back, and Looking Forward GT Blog post. Our midterm objectives are:

  • Team-building and -strengthening, striking a balance between being selective (regarding skills, independence/teamwork flexibility, commitment, reliability and time management) contrasted with the level of inclusion and cohesive, familiar dynamics we prefer.
  • Completing and implementing our Governance model, a fork of the Open Enterprise Governance Model
  • Develop the agency side of our project (CMC) within the CIC Coop and P2P Foundation.
  • Ongoing participation in the customized development of specialized value-tracking software for our unique economic redistribution model, in conjunction with Mikorizal Software, Sensorica and other players.
  • Developing a project in collaboration with the author David Bollier, using his book “Think Like a Commoner” in a Spanish translation as a pilot self-publishing and co- or crowd-financed project.
  • Keep expanding our collaboration with our friends in the Catalan Integral Cooperative, FairCoop, las Indias, DIWOland, Shareable, MediaLab-Prado, la Plataforma por la Libertad de Prensa, Platoniq/Goteo, and many others. As different as these groups may seem, we’ve had the benefit of direct relationships with them all, and have learned a lot about their common ground, collaborative spirit and rich diversity.
  • Continue building our wiki, including co-writing documentation for our collaborative tools, resources, style guides and other linguistic specifics, and workflow /Wordpress tutorials. This is to provide bases and standards for future Guerrilla Translators (individual team members) or phyles (spin-off collectives operating under our principles and name)