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This entry lists Spanish Language Resources. By "resources" we mean articles or blogs featuring information relevant to our target English translation/editing work.

How to use this list

We've added two main categories:

  • Language blogs and websites Featuring webpages which post regular language content worth reading.
  • Specific Language articles One-off commentary and articles relevant to Spanish translation and/or editing. This second category may, of course, feature articles drawn from the language blogs and websites listed above.

If you feel that more sections need to be created, please feel free to do so.

As you introduce a Language website or specific article, please add a few lines beneath the link saying something about it. Websites should be introduced as subheadings. Individual articles as links. Just follow the formatting used below. Once we have enough material, it may be worth adding subsections for each main category.

Spanish Language blogs and websites

Specific Spanish Language articles

  • Fundeu: Consejos básicos de traducción "La regla de oro para toda traducción es, a mi juicio, decir todo lo que dice el original, no decir nada que el original no diga, y decirlo todo con la corrección y naturalidad que permita la lengua a la que se traduce."