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About Trello

According to its own literature Trello is "...the fastest, easiest way to organize anything, from your day-to-day work, to a favorite side project, to your greatest life plans". It certainly works for us and we want to make it work for you too!

Trello usage in GMC


Trello is the tool we use to organize projects and tasks. A "project" usually refers to a translation project, be it an article, video, webpage or book. Tasks are activities related to the construction, maintenance and development of the Guerrilla Media Collective

Organizations and Boards

Organizations and boards are subject to change based on the needs of every phyle. Bigger projects may be extracted from their "motherboards" to be be developed in an independent board until completion.

  • Organizations: Are the main categories within the Trello system.
  • Boards Are subcategories within the organizations.

There's quite a few organization and boards. The reason for this is that it allows us to self-allocate to specific tasks. Most of the categories in this Wiki and our Loomio boards coincide with the hierarchy displayed in the Trello boards (Through, in this order, Organizations, boards and labels).

Read about the different Target: ENG and ESP Organizations and Boards in the Trello: Organizations and Boards entry.

For other target language boards see International Phyle Trello Board List

The four "organizations" are Guerrilla Translation, Guerrilla Glocalization (Name pending change), GMC Projects and GMC Administration and Management. If you'd rather see how they "hierarchy" works in a visual format, here's a Mindmap [PENDING].

Access to organizations and boards is based on level of involvement and commitment to the various aspects of the collective.



Board-specific protocols are linked in the wiki articles for each board.

List of external tutorials and resources



  1. Introduction to Trello
  2. Ways to use Trello
  3. Trello Basic Training Tutorial for Managing Projects and Tasks
  4. Trello June 2013 Enhancements Training Tutorial


1.Trello Tour


Markdown editing

  1. Basic Trello Markdown
  2. Full Markdown syntax